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Sunday, July 29, 2007


"Truth is brutality without love,
love is hypocrisy without truth."

I quote the above two sentences from Andrew, taken out of a conversation we had at the Hungtington garden. We talked about what that meant. If we could only extract the wisdom from it and apply to relationship with everyone and everything, then I said to Andrew it will indeed be:

"heaven on earth."

"Love without honesty is hypocrisy
honesty without love is brutality
....extract the wisdom from within....
eternity is now
it is
heaven on earth"

I changed the word truth into honesty as I feel it is dangerous to assert what truth is. I think it is more about being honest from within....


Camille said...

May you be happily productive this week Tim.

Kind regards,


singleton said...

yup, if you're honest, then isn't that as close to the truth as we can get?

singleton said...

Get going! Awesome shows on the horizon!

Anonymous said...

I like this....

Alan said...

good luck with the painting.
There's no comments box on "back after the battle is won"
Y;-) Paddy

Eric Valentine said...

Good luck in the coming weeks with your painting Tim.

I will keep checking in on you my friend. :)

samrina said...

Hi Tim,

Very true you stated Tim love can make this earth heaven, honesty is the one main infect basic element in any relationship.

My God bring true love in our all life (Ameen)

Thanks for this lovely post.

Best of luck with your painting dear friend.

Take care

drips of paint said...

thanks you everyone for comments

...I am still very busy and one deadline after another...panicking right now...but getting on with it.

take care all!

drips of paint said...

hi kelly

I am sorry I cannot find your blog anymore ...
whereever you are and what ever you are doing....all the best to you!

take care