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Monday, July 9, 2007

Mongolia my love....

I shedded tears the first time I tread on their land, the Mongolian vastness has imprinted my heart and mended an enormous dent. It raised memory of a young boy once gazing on cloud beyond his reach..... the contentment he got from such meager feat had pleased him to no end. I stepped onto the Mongolian steppe, my being then suddenly appeared. Within me the joy and sadness together merged into one happy tears. I had at last regain my childhood dream of feeling free, to gaze into nothing, and stop at nothing to reach heaven at the other end.

I love the land of Mongolia and my friend told me that it is somewhat like Montana. I have never been to Montana so I do not know, but I was in Mongolia twice and I think I have fallen in love. I love the Mongolian, their faces, their singing, their harsh and simplicity of life. When I first felt the vastness of the land, tasted the sweet clean air and looked into the deep blue sky with big white clouds playing above, I knew I was home. If I were to come back in a second life I would not mind riding on horses, sleeping in yurt and behaving like a Mongolian, whatever that meant.

Below I have posted 2 songs to celebrate and hope you'll enjoy these songs with me....they are in Mongolian so I do not know what they say..... but who need words when you are in love, no?

The 1st video below is called "Mongolian family in the steppe".

The 2nd video is dedicated to Rob and his "absent" friend as well as to all lost friends .....
It is called " Minni naiz". this is probably one of the saddest story that I have seen....and I think you do not need word to understand it.