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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shoot 'Em Up Official Trailer

a no brain movie that is straightly entertaining ... I loved it.

But be warned .... it was said that there were close to a hundred people got shot in the movie ..............and that was within the 1st two minutes into it.


Rob said...

wow , pretty cool, i am diffinitly a fan of shoot em up movies so i must see this, thanks, and very good to see you back man, hope all is well in D.O.P land. :)

drips of paint said...

Rainy weather at D.O.P land ... slowly getting a hand of the bad weather. Westling with painting monster.

shoot em up I really loved it and laughed a lot .... hope you enjoy too.

take good care:))

Rob said...

rainy weather here also, it feels good though, all plants are smiling in greens and blues and grays. let the clouds lead your way. sorry about late answer.

drips of paint said...

hey rob,

you are smile all over, even in cloudy day ... I'll do that as well, thanks