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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Nines - Movie Trailer

At the beginning of the movie I did not like it, I thought it was dumped with cheap camera trick and special effect just for its own sake like so many movie nowaday, but as it progress it is obviouse they were done for a reason, I began to enjoy the telling of the plot.

The trailer makes you feel that it is a kind of horror thriller but it is not.



Looks like a good movie.
You know I've not sat down to watch a movie in a long time, but after watching the trailer, and reading your review I might just plan to change that.
Thanks d.of paint, glad I dropped over. Hope you're well.

drips of paint said...

hi sean,

glad you drop by ... too bad hollywood has made formula into movie, otherwise movie is a great art medium.

let me know what you think if you did watch the movie.

take care:)