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Monday, September 24, 2007

I want my e-mail

I'll have to go back into battle one more time ...... today I am defeated!


singleton said...

defeat is a cruddy word, I don't know what's going on, it sounds frustrating and unwelcome, but .....don't let it getcha!
Cheering for you!

nel said...

when there is always a winner there always a looser ... thats the prespective view to the constructed world ... understandable if one is willing to accept the challenge ... i prefer to be like the bamboo ... be flexible to the strength and hope to gain from it ... no looser or winner in this case ... just life ... :)

** all those crap never did work for me anyway but hope they do for others ... hope you will get your email ... :)

drips of paint said...

hi singleton

defeat here only have its face value .... it is not going to go deep.

no it won't get me... cheer too..
thanks for your words at my other blog
hi nel

You have good perspective of life , nel.... a bamboo .. how interesting....//be flexible to the strength and hope to gain from it ...// I like how you put it.

No, I do not believe in winner or loser either.... I believe in letting it be.. but that for myself includes if the blue comes i feel that too.

thanks for your insight