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Sunday, September 9, 2007

afternoon songs

Woke up this afternoon went over to singleton - a soulful butterfly , at her comment section found Eric's comment - Eric is a poet - and saw Oceans mentioned. Went to Oceanshaman - with a beautiful photo of a door, and listened to his u-tube post of a hippe girl with guiter. From there led me to this girl playing santana. Saved her to my favorite u-tube and listened to this mongolian song in my farvorite that I have forgotten about. ... this afternoon I woke up feeling strange, just going to take it easy....PEACE to all!

Sharing with you below, the santana guiter & the mongolian song .... sori for a bit too MTV for the mongolian song, also it is sang in Chinese not Mongolian but still the singing resonate from miles away!


Dan said...

Some of the best afternoons I ever spent were at home, listening to my favorite albums! I can't imagine a world without music.

samrina said...

Listening music or my favorite songs always make me relax and took me back in my memories and thats always pleasant for me :)

I'm definitely gonna check out this mongolian song you mentioned here.

Hope you're well.

Stay cool!

Take care

drips of paint said...

Hi dan..

Yeh...music rules..
thanks for coming by:)


sweet memories and favorites songs always go together ... you have many I am sure

I am good and more after seeing you:))

be well

eric1313 said...

Thank you for the kind words, Drips. I am glad to be able to create ideas from words, and glad that it is people who inspire me.

We have some great, talented friends. And I'm glad to have met you, too.

drips of paint said...

Good to have met you too .. Eric

I just could not believe how fast and good you guys write ...amazing to me.

singleton said...

Isn't it funny....I saw that hippie with the guitar playin' over at Oceans and just got lost....travelin' back in songs and spirit....
the music moves us.....

drips of paint said...

Hi singelton

Oh, I am loving the picture of you back on your hippie trial ... singing song ...peace, love, guitar and all...my imagination is wild

music can reach deep when it play for the soul!