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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am an artist, a painter in oil. New to blogging and fascinated by many interesting blogs in existence - many great blogs in painting and creative writing that I have come across. I am not much of a verbal person and are quite clumsy in the literate sense. Infact it takes me a long time to read through and make sense out of some of the interesting postings that I have read, and if they are in the form of a poem it is even harder. Perhaps it is because English is not my first language but then even if it was in Chinese I know I'll still fail poorly. Yet I am very much attracted to interesting ideas, thoughts, and personal experience that some blog contain, especially those have writings that seems to vibrate with emotions of life and directly communicated with my heart.

I am inspired by them, hence here attempt to ocasionally put down something in writing to make sense or nonsense out of myself.

If you would like to see my paintings please click on the link title "View my painting blog"


Princess Banter said...

Being a blogger is being an artist too -- just with a different instrument :) You're an artist simply spreading your wings. Welcome to blog-o-land darling :

drips of paint said...

Hi princess,

Being a blogger is being an artist...

So true! and thanks for the welcome.

paddy said...

I do hope you find expression in your blogging. I'll check in from time to time. Thanks for your comments.
You know, that you should comment on a post of mine called Diary....I remember being told once upon a time that a Blog was an open public Diary, and in a way; in many a disguise, that's what it is exactly: an artful way of writing down your thoughts and feelings...exactly like painting. I'm sure you have started with an idea of some kind to paint something and you find it turned out completely different; taken on a life of its own. I find that with writing. The best personal results are unexpected.
Y;-) Paddy

drips of paint said...

Hi Paddy

This is a very thoughtful comment.
you reminded me the best result are unexpected. That is what painting is like too.

Like princess banter comment above; I am an artist already, and simply spreading my wing.

This is a good one you gift to me! thanks Paddy.