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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Last week at my painting blog I have been "roared" by Eric of Scattered Chatter and it meant:
//Shameless says : Those people I've given this award to are encouraged to post it on their own blogs; list three things they believe are necessary for good, powerful writing; and then pass the award on to the five blogs they want to honour, who in turn pass it on to five others, etc etc. Let's send a roar through the blogosphere! The image above can be copied and pasted onto other blogs. Also, a small size of the award for sidebars can be found over at the writing circle site. //

I said to Eric that it is most mistaken to honour me with this award especially it has to do with words & writing, although I do thank him for thinking of me. The truth is words, writing & verbal skill is my weakest link, I am better at visual and tactile skill cause I was born a painter. So I can let you know that I do not write to think of writing well and I do not look for good piece of writing to read, I read to make an emotional connection and to expand my curiosity.

3 things for me making powerful writing:
1/the author risked to open his/her heart.
2/a topic that meant deep to the author.
3/writing with a passion despite of not knowing how.

Before I pass on the award I like to let known that I believe in "blogging without obligation" - a term that I learn from rubyshooz. Those 5 blogs that I pass the award are welcome to chose to respond or not, and I respect their decision.

I would like to pass on the Roar award to:

Hazel of Self vs Self .... Hazel is an artist in Australia, I have always like the direct and honest way she writes. She is definitely an artist that speaks her own voice and not just in her painting but in her writing as well.

Kelly of Dark Victorian .... I like how Kelly sometimes exposing her deeper anguish and feeling, laying them open for you to read. At times her writing is very inspirational., sometimes sweet and sometimes educational. Kelly is also talented in making fashion wear and runs another blog about that.

Eric of 8 mile love grafitti .... Eric is a poet and an exceptional one I think. His poem seems to require the utmost involvement from the reader to take a journey with him ... an out of body experience and this is what I wish to achieve with my painting one day.

Singleton of The Hippie Parade .... Singleton colorful chains of words sent peace, love & hope to every corner of the world. Both Singleton words and Eric poems are not easy for me to read and understand but they have enough power and intrigue to make me go back again and again... I just cannot explain why. Singleton is also a very talented visual artist, an exceptional colorist.

Paddy of Momentary madness ...... Paddy has since said goodbye to the blog sphere, however his impact on me is so hugh that I do not think I would forget about him. I do hope that he'll come back blogging one day and those who know him would very likely agree with me that he deserve this Roar awards even in his absence.


eric1313 said...

Drips, you're the man.

This award is the coolest thing I've ever seen. I love it already. Consider yourself nominated for the you make me smile award on my side bar.

Glad to see you and my thanks.

singleton said...

Ahhh, this is phenomenal. Your are the bomb my friend, and every color, face, leaf, brick, emotion, story you paint speaks a thousand words in a universal language....shared and given freely. I sooooo understand why your friend has given you this honor, i just wish I had thought of it first! Peace~love~ and colors, my friend......you rock!

Kelly said...

Hey Drips~Conrgats on the award and thanks for thinking of me...I'm honored!!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Tim, I am so pleased that you made this post. Just the way you have handled the whole presentation to your picks, proves I was not wrong with you. So my friend Roarrrrrrrr on & good luck with the painting. :)

eric1313 said...

I've given out the award and I linked you up in my post!


Come by and see it, if you like.

paddy said...

Thank you, thank you, I never got an award before, and it is indeed very uplifting. Thank you Tim for thinking of me, and I am glad you found something in my writing.
The three things you listed I concur with, especially the last:
3/writing with a passion despite not knowing how.
After - nearly - every story I wrote I cried, because I wrote about my life, with the exception of a little liberty taken here and there to polish it up as it were.
However, the stories were quite close to home, and brought memories back to me, to relive again the hopes, and desires, the dreams - like all of us I guess - I had for the future, some now fulfilled, some not, some never will.
I can't say in words what it is like when someone finds a quality in what you write; perhaps it is a feeling of shared experience and acknowledgement of what you went through.
Anyway! it sure is a nice feeling. Thank you again Tim I will treasure this award.

Kelly said...

Tim, I have nominated you back. Because you 'can' write and do express yourself through your art and words, yes words, whether you think so or not. You're a cool guy in my book!!

Izabella~ said...

looooove your blog!

found your link through Kelly ;)


drips of paint said...

hey Eric ...

you are welcome and I am really awe by your flow of words..... the award naturally goes to you.

It feel so good with your comment .. to have make you smile .. so cool

thanks for the link at your post ... love your post:))

drips of paint said...

hi singleton

so happy to hear your beautiful words singing song for me ... I love always listening to you

you rock bad... my dear friend

drips of paint said...

hi kelly...

keep up your writing, I love reading them ... I learn to express myself from this blogworld..thanks:))

I am flattered I got roared twice ... way too cool..

drips of paint said...

Thanks Eric V...

thanks to you I made this post ...

take care:))

drips of paint said...

hi paddy,

your posts and the way you comments on other blogs were just amazing ... the caring nature of you simply shine through. you are deep and wise I know. Aslo enjoyed a lot of your comment regarding financial matter of the world if you remember...I thought superb

I think we all felt your post/stories were written with flesh & blood ... you cried after writing them ... my heart curled up after reading them.

Thank you simply having been around and being paddy...

As long as new hope, dream and life is still getting fulfilled ... keep going paddy


drips of paint said...

hi izabella..

Thanks... looove to check out your blog later :)